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Learn About OIls | Why Use Essential Oils Why Use Essential Oils – Why Use Essential Oils

Why Use Essential Oils

Most websites out there will tell you what essential oils are. I thought I would start with what they aren’t and then work up to what they do for your body (in easy terms, so forgive me if you are scientifically minded). My goal is to tell you what they do for you and what they don’t and how they work.

  • Essential oils do not cure you.
  • Essential oils do not prevent disease.
  • Essential oils are not the “life force” of the plant (what is that, anyway)?!
  • Essential oils are not, in fact, oil.
  • All essential oils are not the same. Read your labels, then study the company. There is no regulation-you have to do that yourself.

So, if they “don’t” do all of these things, why bother with essential oils? There is a very scientific way to explain this, however, I am going to assume you just want the easy way.

Your body needs building blocks to grow, replicate cells, fight disease, etc. It gets these building blocks from various sources.

Imagine a child in your body. It wants to build a castle called “fight a cold”. This child knows it wants 8 longBuilding Blocks rectangular pieces, but your body is short 6 of those right now. You happen to know that if you diffuse (put into the air) cinnamon and clove your body can get antimicrobial antibodies from these oils; in essence the building blocks the child needs to help it build the “fight a cold” castle.

The essential oils don’t fight the disease, your body does. The essential oils simply have key “building blocks” that your body can use for whatever goal it is trying to reach in it’s overall aim to achieve balance and health.

Essential Oils cannot make any medical claims as per FDA requirements.  However, there are many studies that have been done on essential oils, draw your own conclusions:

Antimicrobial activity in the vapour phase of a combination of cinnamon and clove essential oils

Wild Orange as an anti-anxiety

Melaleuca (Tea Tree Oil) and staph

Essential oils can help with an infection that can be picked up in the hospital:  Essential oils can help with an infection that can be picked up in the hospital

2 Comments to Why Use Essential Oils

  1. Thanks for clear explanation of what an essential oil is & isn’t. Many people I know sell them and I see many posts on social media. I have tried a few and unfortunately they make me sneeze. I have been led to think they aid in this and that, so thanks for clarifying how.

    • Kara Peterson says:

      I am glad you liked my frank talk about essential oils. I think it is a shame that so many people try to sell the oils by using mystical terms; people should know there is a genuine science behind the oils.

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