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Why Blend? | Why Use Essential Oils Why Blend? – Why Use Essential Oils
Create beauty or disaster?

Why Blend?

I am asked frequently, how do I blend the essential oils? I am also asked from time to time, should I mix (blend) the essential oils?

In answer to the second question: it depends on what effects you want, however, what you should know is that research has shown that you get better results using more than one essence at a time. This is called synergy; oils blended together that have a mutually enhancing effect on one another so that the whole is greater than the individual parts.

Now that you want to blend, what are the “rules”?

*Usually only 3 – 5 oils per blend

*Roughly 20% are base notes (put in first)

*Roughly 50% are middle notes (put in next)

*Roughly 30% are top notes (put in last)

*Most blends use a carrier oil, dilution up to 5% essential oil is sufficient

(I admittedly use more, however, it is not recommended)

*Keep in a colored bottle and with a lid

A great book for beginners that has blends and the amounts already in it:

The Essential Blending Guide by Rosemary Caddy

If you are feeling inspired and want to give it a try here are some basic therapeutic properties taken from Essential Oils in Colour by Rosemary Caddy:

Flowers – emotional – soothing heart and mind

Fruits/citrus-uplifting, cleansing

Leaves-respiration-support and enhance immune system, musculoskeletal system

Needles/twigs – respiration – release blocked energy

Flowering tops/herbs – strong antiseptic action, protective function

Woods/trunk – support (the core), strength, centeredness, beneficial for the skin, musculoskeletal aches and pains

Resins – heals wounds, heals on a spiritual level, heals states of mind, comforting

Roots – grounding, nourishing – anxiety

Seeds – reproductive system, digestive, urinary

*Quick reference to Top, Middle or Base notes: HERE.

I post a different essential oil every Tuesday on my Facebook page, so you can also learn slowly!

Chart that tells which essential oils will blend with what other oils: HERE (courtesy of  Wanda Sellar The Directory of Essential) Her instructions are that the oils blend well in the same category and the groups adjacent.

I have several favorite essential oil books that I look in all the time for reference:

*Valerie Ann Worwood: The Compete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy (this has so much fabulous information, recipes, and suggestions in it, you may never come up for air!!!

*Althea Press: Essential Oils Natural Remedies

*Wanda Sellar: The Directory of Essential Oils

*Modern Essentials



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