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What IS she doing? EI | Why Use Essential Oils What IS she doing?! Emotional Intelligence – Why Use Essential Oils
Be aware of other's emotional needs.

What IS she doing?! Emotional Intelligence

Get in touch with your emotions.

Get in touch with your emotions.

Have you ever met someone who was truly brilliant…but didn’t have a clue? You know the person who can personally create a space shuttle, perform neuro surgery, or remember all kinds of laws and regulations, but can not figure out how to make someone they care about feel special (a kind word, flowers, a smile, etc)?

Emotional Intelligence. Some would say it has much more value than a person’s intelligence quotient. What is it exactly? According to Diffen.com it is the ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions. From the stand point of a parent, would you rather raise a child that has a high IQ or a high EQ? Who would you rather be married to, someone who is really smart, can filter irrelevant information, and can apply logical reasoning (IQ) or someone who can work together with you as a team, identify and understand emotional meanings and can make decisions factoring in their emotional response?

In my newsletter this month, I referred to the Inc. article  because it listed ten great qualities that people with high emotional intelligence often have. It is interesting to note, in my research I found an article The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence. This article is fascinating because while all the other articles I found discuss the importance of a high EI, this one stresses the fact that too much of anything can be a bad thing! Someone with great skills on the Emotional Intelligence scale can give a talk and people who are at the talk will often not remember any of what was said, only the emotions conveyed (that the speaker wants the audience to remember), can anyone say Hitler? Yes, it is believed that people with high EI can learn how to manipulate their feelings and the responses of those around them.

Have I piqued your interest? Did you score just an average on the IQ tests and now want to redeem yourself with an incredibly high Emotional Intelligence score? Some people will say that these online tests are like horoscopes and not worth much, so I tried to get two thorough ones.

Test #1: This one takes 45 minutes, is very thorough, however, you have to pay at the end for more than one interpretation. I did not do it so I do not know how much, but I do believe this to be a valid test.

Test #2 (I did take this test) This one take about 10 minutes to complete. The pros: It forces you to choose between two extremes, so it can better analyze you. It has a great visual graph at the end to show a Venn Diagram likeness to help you better understand the four areas it assessed you in. Cons: It does not individually explain your scores (you can probably pay for that), however it does give you the numbers you score and what each area means.

Are they just, “Feelings, nothing more than feelings.” Morris Albert



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