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An essential oil for focus. | Why Use Essential Oils The Focus Blend – Why Use Essential Oils
When you need focus...

The Focus Blend

This month the Health Article is all about blending and how to blend oils. DoTERRA has several blends already made that are very effective.

In Tune contains oils that have been studies for their abilities to promote calmness, focus and peace of mind.

I wrote an article on the ability of some essential oils to pass through the blood brain barrier, this blend contains many oils that high levels of sesquiterpenes that do just that and reach the cells in the brain.

Common Uses:









(Looking at this list and realizing that finals are coming up in school do you realize why I picked this oil this month)!!

Oils in this blend:

*Amyris (West Indian Sandalwood): high level of sesquiterpenes, relief from stress and tension

*Patchouli: sedating, calming, relaxing, useful for relieving anxiety and depression, high level of sesquiterpenes

*Frankincense: antidepressant and sedating properties, enhance memory, focus energy and aid concentration

*Lime: overcome exhaustion, depression, and listlessness

*Ylang Ylang: sedative properties and aids with depression and anxiety

*Hawaiian Sandalwood: aid in focus and meditation, calming

*Roman Chamomile: calming and relaxation, effectively reduce irritability and nervousness in children

Body Systems Affected: Emotional Balance, Hormonal System, and the Nervous System

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