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Stay Healthy on vacation-spray this | Why Use Essential Oils Spray those “Baddies” and Stay Healthy! – Why Use Essential Oils
Stay healthy on vacation and don't catch a virus!

Spray those “Baddies” and Stay Healthy!

The oil of the month is usually dedicated to a specific oil.

This month I am going to talk about an oil that I already used as an oil of the month last August: On Guard. The reason is because it is a fabulous “killer” of the bad things “out there”.

The theme this month for my online class and for the health article is keeping healthy while you travel. On Guard is instrumental in this as the first step in a lot of people’s plans involves public transportation of some type.

I make a bottle (I use one of my old essential oil bottles as I have many) that is filled with water, a couple drops of coconut oil, and 10 drops of witch hazel or Everclear. Then I add 3-5 drops of On Guard. You can get the spray tops that fit the 15 ml bottles perfectly at your favorite oil accessory supply store. This becomes my sanitizer of all things nasty. I spray this on the seats of the airplane, the arm rests, the seat belt, the tray, the window, etc. I take this to the movie theater and go through the same routine. I can spray it on my hands.

The only downfall I have found to this recipe is simply that we are in a world of a lot of people with scent sensitivities. I try to be sensitive to them as well as meeting my needs by getting on the airplane first and choosing an area that doesn’t have anyone there yet. I also use a Kleenex and after letting the oil sit for about 20 seconds I wipe it which gives it time to kill but takes the lingering smell out of the air.

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