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Join My Team | Why Use Essential Oils Join My Team! – Why Use Essential Oils

Join My Team!

Why Should You Join My Team?

If you don’t even know what that means, with all of these people selling doTERRA, why should you buy the essential oils with me?

Valid Question, there are hundreds of people on the internet selling DoTerra, why should you join my team? I am trying to create an interpersonal relationship between the person who becomes a part of DoTerra and myself. I set a high standard for myself. This is what I will do for you:

Teach you how to find the answers you are looking for (this is why you came to a natural solution in the first place)

Give you access to weekly webinars (if you want just product, I have it, if you want to learn how the business is done, I have that, I also offer personal growth and there are often business trainings that are a great benefit regardless of your occupation)

Help you decide what is best for you based on your needs.

If you decide you want your oil habit paid for, I will come to you (provided Southwest Airlines flies to where you are) FREE and teach a class for you.

If you cannot get enough people together for a class, I will always skype a class, I just did this successfully for a group in New Zealand.

Basically, I want you to know, with me, it doesn’t end with a click. I don’t want it to start with a click. It should start with an email so we can get what is best for you. I want to be a person to you, and you to me.

You can enroll directly from my website, however, I feel that if is best to make a connection and then we can set you up the way that is best for you!

Do I have plans?

You should know where your leader is heading.  This is why in a world with so many people selling essential oils, you need to make sure you are “on the right train”.  I am a Certified Aromatherapist; I have over 400 hours of essential oil education.  I am a member of the N.A.H.A. so I get continuing education and current articles monthly on essential oil research.

My goal is to help you know how to use the essential oils to create a healthier lifestyle in your own home and possibly working space.  If you would like me to sit down and make a business goal with you in regards to the essential oils, I offer that as well.

For people on my team, I offer powerpoints, classes, notes from conferences, ideas for booths, etc.  Everything you need to be successful.  On my team, you are never “on your own.”

What is my ultimate goal?

NOT to put a box of oils in every home (it won’t get used, people won’t know how to use them), it is to help everyone become an “Essential Healer”.




2 Comments to Join My Team!

  1. Carol Bickart says:

    Thank you Kara for your ongoing support in the education of sharing the wonderful world of essential oils.

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