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Healthy Vacations! | Why Use Essential Oils How to have a healthy vacation! – Why Use Essential Oils
Time to Pack Your Bags!

How to have a healthy vacation!

Do you have vacation plans this summer?

Do you often get sick when you travel or go on vacation?

Why does this happen to so many people and what can be done about it?

Let’s start with just going to your destination! You get on that plane, right? Many people fear the recycled air, but according to an article on Season Travel by NBC News, it isn’t the air you breathe that is the problem (that is well filtered), it is your seat-mates. All of the people that are coughing and sneezing within a two foot radius are what is putting your vacation plans at risk.

In addition to the the people, the article goes on to explain that airplane seat trays are about the worst for germs. The author recommends taking a sanitizer and cleaning the trays, seatbelt, arm rests, and headrests. Check out my unusual oil of the month this month!!! It is just for this purpose.

So, now we arrived at our destination and we are ready to have the time of our lives! If you are a person that rests on the beach you are probably better off than someone who wants to go-go-go and see everything that the place you are at has to offer. I am one of those, afterall, you only go to New York once, right?! When you are trying to cram in everything possible in a limited amount of time and then coming “home” at night to a bed that “just isn’t quite right” you probably aren’t getting the right amount of sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic, this puts you at risk for getting sick because you lower your immune defenses.

Finally, remember that just because you are on vacation when you start eating a lot of foods that are completely different than what you usually eat (read high in sugar, fat and grease) your body gets a little freaked out. Support your body by trying to make several healthy choices even while on vacation.

If you do start to feel sick, don’t immediately take to your bed in the hotel room and isolate yourself there.   Make sure you get up and move around for a little bit each day and get some Vitamin D from the sunshine.

Enjoy your vacation. If you are curious about which oils I would take on my vacation, make sure you watch my Travel Oils Video this month!

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