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Fitness Challenge | Why Use Essential Oils Fitness Challenge – Why Use Essential Oils

Fitness Challenge

What is TerraFit?

  • TerraFit is a 90 day challenge.
  • It addresses:  Exercise, Nutrition, Hydration, and Habits
  • You are supported throughout.
  • It costs $25 (with cash prizes given to top teams and individual winners).

What a person gets for joining (other than a healthy lifestyle):

  • Daily coaching
  • Supportive team
  • A reason to stick to goals (team)
  • Daily Challenge
  • Diet Guidelines

Click Here for the rules

Remember, there is no “magic bullet” for weight loss.  It is a lifestyle choice and it is work.  However, it also means better health.  Are you ready to begin a life of health?

New challenge starts every month! 

Are you ready to make a change?  You can get together your own team of 5 and do this with 5 of your closest friends and family, make it a work contest, etc. Or you can come as an individual and you will be put on a team.

Want to hear more information on why essential oils are used to help lose weight? 

Follow this link to a fabulous class taught by a variety of trainers on how the body stores weight and why all of the aspects in TerraFit are bound to help you lose it!

If you want more information, contact me using the form below.



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