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Clary Sage | Why Use Essential Oils Clary Sage – Why Use Essential Oils
Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea

Top to Middle Notes

Blends well with: citrus, herbs, florals, and woods

Active constituents:

*Linalyl acetate: 49%

*Alpha-terpineol 3%

*Geraniol 2.4%

*Linalool 24%

*Sclareol .31%

Clary sage is used for many different medicinal purposes. It is ironic, the most spoken about and common reasons for clary are the “female” reasons. As this is Science Month and I am going to do a science class on line talking all about the science behind the essential oils, I decided to only put the uses below that had research published on mainstream medical sites. This left all of those “women” reasons behind! Not one was published on ncbi. So, there are many other great uses for clary sage, however, these are the top three that have fabulous studies.

I found this article fascinating! If you read it, you will find it is all about Lavender and you will wonder why I linked it to my Clary Sage month?! It turns out the research found the active ingredient in the Lavender was the linalyl acetate which relaxed the vascular smooth muscle of rabbits. Lavender has 40% linalyl acetate, clary has 49%!

Every year I am less and less surprised by the depth to which essential oils can benefit a person. I must confess my shock when I found this research with Clary Sage and other essential oils high in monoterpenes and menthols that can help with osteoporosis prevention.

Clary sage is also an effective stress reliever! Due to the dopamine effects on the rats studied, researchers determined that clary sage could be developed as therapeutic agent for patients with depression symptoms.

There are a couple of resources I really like when I read about individual essential oils:

The A-Z of essential oils by E. Joy Bowles This book is set apart from the others because of the secion on each oil: Why it works.

The Directory of essential Oils by Wanda Sellar. This book is a little different because it talks about History and Myth and the oils it blends well with.

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