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About Kara | Why Use Essential Oils About Me – Why Use Essential Oils

About Me

I am so glad you came to see me today!

Kara PetersonI have worn many hats in my life: wife, mother, educator, helper, cook, chauffer, fan, friend, etc.  The hat I am wearing a lot of days that I am truly enjoying is that of: Certified Aromatherapist.   What does this mean?  It means I have taken over 400 hours of essential oil education so that I can help you make good decisions about taking a path towards natural health care in your life.

I am also a member of the N.A.H.A. (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy). When it comes to “knowing” my business, I know it well.  I learned it because I believe in the healing power of plants and the ability of everyday people to learn how to augment their health regimen with natural solutions.

I offer a variety of aromatherapy and natural health courses for all levels.  This is to introduce the beginners to using essential oils to alternative health care solutions and continuing education courses for those eager to make the most of the many benefits essential oils have to offer.

I make sure that if you are eager to learn more about how to use the oils; you do.  I just did a skype class with a woman in New Zealand who was eager to learn.  Nothing is impossible these days!

In addition to offering classes, I make blends targeted to special clients’ needs.  Right now, my most sought after blends are to aide in lowering blood pressure, anxiety, tension headaches, sleep, and thyroid.

Let me know if I am the person you would like leading you through this challenging, yet exciting new lifestyle of natural health care!

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