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Diffusers | Why Use Essential Oils Diffusers: What are They and How do I Get One? – Why Use Essential Oils

Diffusers: What are They and How do I Get One?

What are diffusers?

Diffusers are not humidifiers.  Diffusers are used to disperse essential oils into a room so a person can benefit from their aroma.  There are many different kinds of diffusers.

Heat diffusers, any diffuser you use heat with (candle, car jack, plug in with a scent pad, etc) many of these are inexpensive but you risk the heat changing the therapeutic value of the essential oil, as they should not be heated.

Cool mist diffusers: These usually have a “bowl” of some type that you fill with water, then you add some drops of your favorite oil, plug in or use a battery and it works.  The water should not get hot and the mist should be cool.

My favorite diffuser is found cheapest at puritanspride.com, it is the Hubmar Classic Diffuser for $59.99.  The advantages:  easy to clean, shuts off automatically, easy to use, has different fan settings, has different settings for the oil to be dispersed. 

The disadvantages: after about a year, the diffuser motor hums loudly, I wouldn’t use it in the bedroom, also after it is done it makes three consecutive loud beeps (again a definite no for bedroom use)

I sell five from Green Air:

Green Air Spa Vapor Plus: Advantages: easy to clean, shuts off automatically, cheap ($25-$30)

Disadvantages: You have to be really careful with this one, there is a slit at the top, if any water gets in it, the whole unit is fried, some of the units are said to cycle through all of the colors when the water runs out (again, not for the bedroom), the Plus version isn’t supposed to do this, however, I have had mixed reviews.

Spa Vapor

AromaMister: This is taking the place of the Spa Vapor I think.  Advantages:  Very easy to clean, easy to use, shuts off automatically, has a bunch of different colors (kids like it) ($35-$40)

Disadvantage: it doesn’t get very dark, it looks like a giant pyramid or cone; not very pretty

Aroma Mister

Serenity: By far the prettiest Green Air offers that is still budget friendly Advantages: Very quiet, sleek design, easy to use, shuts off automatically, easy to clean, relatively dark (good for bedroom use) ($35-$40)

Disadvantages: There are not a lot of options on this one (speed of fan or oil dispersement), and it has three pieces to match up (my fourteen year old can do it), but it is a little more difficult than the cone.  Also, the plug in is in an awkward place on the bottom of the unit.

Serenity Diffuser

Aquacool: Advantages: This is great because it is a humidifier and a diffuser!  It lasts about 14 hours or two

nights on high.  Easy to clean, easy to use, automatic shut off. The dial is blue in the dark, just put a sock in front of it and it is dark. ($50-$55)

Disadvantages: In order to keep the basin clean, the oils must be put on a pad that the water comes through as it is misting.  This creates less of a smell than the normal diffusers.  Still works great though!

Aqua cool humidifier

USB: Advantage: Great for small spaces (like in front of the computer or in the car) easy to clean, easy to use, fitsin the cup holder of your car and fits tightly so it won’t spill.  Still activates with a water basin (most car diffusers are pads in the outlet, not good). Cheap!  ($20-$25)


Disadvantage:  The automatic shut off for this is dependent on time, it “thinks” you fill it and then it counts down so to speak.  So, if you stop the car and then restart the diffuser, it starts all over again.  This isn’t a big deal, you can just pick it up and slosh it around to figure out if there is water in it, but a disadvantage just the same.

USB Diffuser

If you are interested in a diffuser, email me!


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